The most powerful platform for online betting

Bet conveniently, easily, and securely through our unique wallet with the ease-of-mind that your privacy is paramount and your winnings are automatically paid out with no middle-man. No need to remember logins either, that's a thing of the past. Trusting a third party? No longer necessary. Game on!

A new contender in the blockchain gaming space

Extreme Sportsbook is a new blockchain-powered betting platform with a strong focus on privacy, security and autonomy. Older systems and websites alike use a traditional login-based system where you're responsible for creating a strong password and maintaining your account. We eliminate this system in favor of a more automated one through cryptographic key pairs.

In addition to enterprise-grade technology, we also have profitability in mind for our community and that's why we've chosen to utilize a Proof-of-Stake system for consensus, and masternode tecnology for additional network services. Both of these technologies make generating passive income effortless. VIP Presale buyers will also benefit from an additional block reward every minute for their support and contribution.

Click here to read our whitepaper (English)
Read our whitepaper (English)

Bet with convenience and ease of use

Our focus is to bring the platform to as many users as possible in as many regions as possible. This will allow for steady growth and eliminates the potential exclusion of those running systems other platforms may not support.

* The above image shown is a planned theme for the upcoming MVP release and is subject to modifications.

Supported Events

The network constantly polls from a pool of many APIs to pull event information down and in the event of an API being unavailable or slow, another is used in its place to ensure uninterrupted quality and service.

Traditional Sports

The more "traditional" sporting events such as boxing, UFC, horse racing, football, baseball, basketball and more are all supported on the platform.



Electronic sports, or e-sports are gaining more and more popularity by the day. Enjoy wagering on CS:GO, D.O.T.A 2, Halo, LoL, StarCraft 2 and more!

Latest News

XSports - Extreme Sportsbook Launches Presale

Staten Island, NY, November 09, 2017 --( XSports is a blockchain betting platform with no middleman and no house edge. It completely eliminates the mistrust between the players by implementing intelligent, cutting-edge technologies. Incentivized block rewards instead of profiting from the house edge means the player has less hands in the cookie jar. Read More...

Marketing Monster: Core Group, Partners

  • November 3, 2017

We're pleased to announce that Core Group has accepted Extreme Sportsbook as a client after vetting our development team and realizing the potential in our software. Core Group and Core Media have an incredible amount of resources and presence within both the gaming industry and crypto arena and are sure to propel our vision to the next level with maximum exposure.